The First International IEEE ICBK Workshop on Analyzing and Predicting Interaction Behaviors

APIB 2017

The First International IEEE ICBK Workshop on Analyzing and Predicting Interaction Behaviors

In conjunction with 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Knowledge (ICBK 2017)

Hefei, China, 2017

Call for paper

With the advent of Internet, it equips more and more devices (e.g., cellphone, pad and computer) with the online capability. As these devices can now meet people’s various demands (e.g., working or entertaining) almost anytime and anywhere, a massive number of interaction behaviors, which containsrich information like time and actions (e.g., viewing a news or listening a song), have been recorded. It becomes possible to analyze and predict users’ attitudes, preferences, personality and what people will do via this information-rich interaction behaviors, at different time-scales and at different types of interaction. Furthermore, it enables government, web holders and other service providers to improve and perfect their applications and services. During the last decade, a large body of research has been devoted on interaction behaviors analyzing and predicting. However,as interaction behaviors become extreme diverse and show a massive growth, it brings many technical and domain challenges inherent in analyzing and predicting interaction behaviors for different applications.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together researcher and practitioner from academia, and industrial to discuss and reflect various challenges and technique solutions involved in user interactive behavior analysis and prediction. We want to facilitate and promote new ideas and research on applying big scale machine learning and data mining techniques to provide more meaningful recommendation and customization experience to the end-user. The target audience will be the general researcher and practitioners in the field of machine learning, data mining and big data.

To that end, this workshop offers an opportunity to address the related research challenges and the possible solutions from both academic and industrial perspective, which includes but not limited to:

  1. Normal behavior analysis (e.g., community detection)
  2. Abnormal behavior analysis (e.g., churn of users)
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR) prediction
  4. Expert system
  5. Question-Answering (QA) system
  6. Context-aware interaction behaviors mining
  7. Integration of domain priors for knowledge discovery
  8. Visualization, personalization, and recommendation of big knowledge navigation and interaction

Important Dates

  • Paper submission deadline: May 10, 2017
  • Author notification: May 30, 2017
  • Final manuscript due: June 15, 2017
  • Workshop date: August 9-10, 2017

Submission Instructions

Submitted papers must not substantially overlap with papers that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings. Papers submitted APIB 2017 should be written in English conforming to the IEEE 2-column format.

The paper should be submitted here the cyberchair paper submission system at the workshop website. The length of the papers should not exceed 8 pages, including tables, figures, references and appendixes. For paper submission, author names and affiliations can be listed(optinal).

All accepted workshop papers will be published in the main conference proceedings by the IEEE Computer Society.

Submitting a paper to APIB 2017 means that, if the paper is accepted, at least one author should attend the workshop and present the paper.

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